Promote your business
with your coworkers and fans

With Promover you can increase your reach
on social networks by automatically sharing posts
on behalf of your coworkers and fans.

How does it work?

  • Invite your coworkers and fans
    to connect their social accounts
    to your Promover account.

  • Create and publish your posts
    on the social networks of those
    who have accepted your invite.

  • Reach more people
    thanks to the connections
    of your coworkers and fans.

"Promover allows me to promote the products of my ecommerce in an absolutely brilliant way, making me achieve incredible results in short time."

Roberto Iannelli (ecommerce)

Create trust

84% of people trust recommendations from
people they know while only 15% trust
recommendations from brands.

Promoting your activity through your coworkers and fans
means using their own influence on social networks
to find new customers and to communicate more effectively
with the ones you already have.

(source: Gartner via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)

Reach more people

Your coworkers and fans' social networks
can considerably increase the number of people
you can reach with your posts.

For example, if you have 50 coworkers
you can reach about 17.950 more people.

(source: Pew Research Center)

Save time

Asking your coworkers and fans to share your posts
can become difficult: every time you need to send
them the content and to wait until they publish them.

Thanks to Promover you can automate this activity,
making it easy and saving your time and the time
of your entire team.

Get more interactions

It's not a secret that posts shared by people
get more views than those shared by companies,
especially on Facebook.

Only 4% of those who liked a page see its posts,
against the 33% of a person's friends.

(source: Bambu by Sprout Social)

"Promover is the only app that allows me to schedule posts on hundreds of Facebook accounts from a single dashboard. Thanks to Promover my reach has increased incredibly."

Alex Tozzo (events' organizer)


Which social network can I use Promover with? With Promover you can publish posts on Facebook (personal profiles, pages and groups) and Twitter profiles.

Can I publish links, pictures and videos? Yes, you can publish videos in MP4 format and pictures in JPEG, GIF and PNG format.

Can I publish posts only on certain social profiles? Yes, to do this you will need to create groups containing the social profiles on which you want to share the posts.

How many social profiles can I manage? It depends on your current subscription: remember that you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel it anytime you want.

Can I schedule post publishing? Yes, you can choose to publish a post immediately or schedule his publication any time you want.

Can I see my posts stats? Some of the statistics related to published posts are available, such as clicks, likes, comments, ...

"Thanks to Promover my team doesn't need to worry about sharing products and opportunities offered by our network on Facebook because I can do it for them."

Giovanni Manca (network marketing)

The right price
for every business.

Every day, more people like you are reaching
more people on social networks thanks to Promover.

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